Adam began classical guitar lessons when he was 4 and half years old with Polly Maynard, through the Denton Childbloom Program. He continued classical lessons until he was 19 under Tim Courtney, with Denton Childbloom Program. Adam also began contemporary and Jazz guitar lessons at the age of 8 with Thad Bonduris of Bonduris music and has been taking Jazz and contemporary lessons from Bonduris Music since then. Around the age of 10 he became interested in Latin rhythms and contemporary South American classical music. This lead him to take flamenco lessons from Joel Pipkin in Dallas. Adam has practiced and performed with all of these musicians over the years. He has also taken saxaphone lessons from Jeffery Barnes of Brave Combo. as well as piano and keyboard lessons.

Adam can teach both tab and note reading, as well as theory. He plays guitar, sax, keyboard, and several other instruments. He enjoys teaching and has taught lessons and homeschool classes in the past and is now teaching regular lessons through Bonduris music. If you would like to contact Adam about lessons he would love to tailor a teaching program to what you or your child would most like to learn. Adam enjoys teaching children and adults, sharing his joy for music.

If you would like to take lesson or talk to Adam about lesson please contact him through the contact form below or through Bondris Music